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The Modern Mystic

Diana is a world renowned authority on death and the afterlife. She shares her expertise as a medium and spiritual healer through her books, online courses, and quantum healing programs RECONNECT & LEAVING THE MATRIX.

Diana has over 30 years of experience as a spiritual healer and instructor, 20 years as a paranormal researcher, and a lifetime of working directly with the spirit world, portals, and vortex energy. She utilizes her divine connection and quantum healing skills to realign those suffering from a soul opening experience. Her unique approach to healing will comfort you through your time of transition and inspire you onto your new life path, where you will embrace all aspects of your spiritual awakening.

When you work with Diana, you will discover why you came here, what the theme of your life has been trying to teach you, and how to get in perfect alignment for your deepest fulfillment.

Your soul re-alignment may feel like magic, but it has taken Diana over 30 years to finesse.    

Diana is founder of RECONNECT

The #1 Spiritual Grief Healing Program

RECONNECT with your intuition for higher wisdom, your divine connection, and your loved ones in the afterlife.

Bridging Worlds Through Healing

Diana Palm's Journey from Spiritual Pilgrim to Healer Extraordinaire

— Kaizenaire INSIDER

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Diana Palm
Diana Palm

Diana's Books

  • Setting Spirits Free (Llewellyn)
  • Mediumship Scrying & Transfiguration for Beginners (Llewellyn)
  • THE LOVE BOOK the secret to finding your soulmate (Amazon)
  • Death & The Afterlife Connect with loved ones on the other side (Amazon) NEW RELEASE!

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