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Diana Palm is a spiritual healer and medium who uses her powerful combination of spiritual gifts to help you heal your painful past. Working with Diana is always a unique experience that leaves you feeling more peaceful, at ease and joyful about life. She is focused on helping you heal emotional and energetic blocks that keep you stuck so that you can move forward in life with ease.

The Sufi believe that when you heal your heart, everything else in your life heals.

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If you are ready to heal your heart and attract your soulmate, I can help you! Live the life and love you deserve.

Diana's help was pivotal and urgent! I could just say it saved my marriage but it was way more than that. I have changed. This was about change and growth. This was about seeing the reality of my own need for change and changing them.

— Laura Ray

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Master Your Mediumship


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Rescue Medium


Advanced Mediumship training for paranormal clearing. It is recommended to take Master Your Mediumship course first.


Manifest Your Dreams


5 Easy (but Essential!) Steps to Manifesting Includes Intuitive Subconscious Reprogramming

It changed the entire momentum of my energy from focusing on old dysfunctional habits to truly honoring a place in my soul for love to flourish. This course is about waking up your psyche, facing it dead on and saying "I'm ready to break the cycle and I want love and to be loved in the purest sense."

— Vicki Herb

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Diana Palm is a conduit for healing past hurts.

— Mary Flynn

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