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There are 2 types of Grief

I help women recover from the pain and hopelessness of grief, while feeling lost, scared, and confused about their next step in life, and feeling destabilized by the loss of a loved one or the loss of love... to reconnecting them with their divine inner wisdom, and replenishing their spirit so that they can move forward feeling nurtured, cared for, and supported as they heal their heartbreak, discover their new life path, and embrace their vibrant new life purpose with radical self love.

The Death of a Loved One

Reconnecting with your loved one who passed is just the first step in your healing journey. Once your bond is re-established we will begin to heal any unresolved issues. We will complete soul contracts, retrieve life lessons, better understand your loved one's timing of death, along with any significant messages that contribute to your healing and life path and purpose. If you experienced a sudden or traumatic loss, there will be healing for shock, and the fight or flight response that often causes grief to get stuck inside the body. We will do specific healing for your individual needs so that you come to a place of peace. I will spiritually guide you every step of the way.

Breakup, Divorce, Loss of Relationship

Every relationship serves a purpose for your soul. You may experience grief from a Breakup, Divorce or Loss of a Relationship. The severing of a connection is difficult to overcome and may cause instability and mistrust. When you experience Disappointment, Disillusionment, or Deception, you store this energy in your heart that makes it much more difficult to experience love as you move forward in life. Many women become bitter from their resentment and the pain that they hold inside their body. This energy makes it hard to trust feelings of love and may cause you to block love, beg for love, or completely reject love. Healing your grief involves doing a spiritual divorce, soul fragment retrieval, life lessons, clearing spiritual hooks and cords, completing soul contracts, and healing your heart space. We will shift and heal the childhood programs that caused unhealthy or toxic patterns in relationship while we rebuild your emotional energy. Healing the energy of grief will create space in your heart for a passionate new love.

A mediumship reading can comfort you in the initial stages of grief

but what you really need is to heal your heartbreak and loss

The #1 Spiritual Grief Healing Program

About Diana

Diana Palm

If I can do it...you can too!

I am a medium but my specialty is helping you heal the grief holding you back from living your most meaningful and happy life because that's what I have done for myself and thousands of clients worldwide.

I know all about heartbreak and loss because I have had everything significant stripped away from me...including 4 marriages, all my worldly possessions, and loved ones who passed away. I know what it's like to start over and make something from nothing because I now live the adventurous life I always dreamed of with my soulmate by my side.

How did I get here?

Every time my world crumbled, it brought me to a place of crippling fear about my next step in life.

I've cried rivers of tears, accompanied with gut wrenching despair and utter loneliness. I held onto my grief so tightly, that it caused physical pain in my body. Loss of a loved one and the loss of love stirred the same insecurities within me. It seemed that living the rest of my life without my loved ones would be dull, boring, and not worth my time. I couldn't imagine that I would ever feel alive again. Would I ever find a new reason to live? Would I ever really feel loved?

The answer was yes. Here's how you can too!

I overcame all my heartbreak and loss through a spiritual healing method that I teach. I wanted to understand the reasons why I had experienced so much disappointment and loss so that I could change that painful pattern in my life. As I dove deep into my subconscious programs, I discovered that my childhood experiences had programmed me with a certain pattern for failure in relationships. As desperately as I wanted my own family, I fiercely craved my freedom and independence (for what I now know was protection). This led to many exciting new starts and painful stops in relationships. This was just one of the many programs I found that contributed to my relationship failure.

But the most significant, life-altering shift came to me when I realized that my pain was not about how someone else had hurt me or let me down but rather how I had let myself down. You see, for most of my life, I had been running faulty programs for love. I had settled, sabotaged, controlled, and run from love. When I began to see clearly, and heal my heart, I was finally able to embrace a deeper, inner connection with the real me.

I used my spiritual gifts to unclutter my mind and release the limiting beliefs that I had learned from my upbringing. As I healed my grief, the physical pain in my body went away.

I am now grateful for every heartbreak I experienced because the process of healing my heart allowed me to live a more meaningful life, aligned with my soul purpose.

This is what inspired me to create the pathway and program to help you heal your grief from heartbreak and loss.

I will help you completely shift the pain you have in your heart and provide you with the key to your own happiness and fulfillment.  

Spiritual Grief Healing Program $2376

(saves you $297 for 9 Private Sessions)


#1 Spiritual Grief Healing Program

This is the #1 Spiritual Grief Healing Program for heartbreak and loss. No matter what caused your heart to break...I can help you.

9 Consecutive Weeks

The best results come through consistent weekly healing sessions that clear your spiritual energy and shift limiting genetic beliefs, to reveal the authentic you and your new life path.

1 Hour Sessions

9 Private Sessions are each 1 hour by phone

(Outside US Skype or Zoom audio)

Spiritual Grief Healing Program $2376

(saves you $297 for 9 Private Sessions)

You and your life experiences are unique...I will be intuitively guided to work with you specific to your needs and comfort. I will use a combination of mediumship, energy healing, theta healing, spiritual re-alignment, and other spiritual healing methods to help you heal your grief and embrace your next level life.

Let's get you signed up so you can start living with passion and purpose again!

If you have lost a SOULMATE PET, I'm here for you too. Click here for a special pet loss program tailored for your specific healing.

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My clients trust me with their heart

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"I am so Blessed I am one of the many women you have helped, supported, loved when i was deep in despair , pain and grief ⚘

So much love and gratitude for you, a phenomenal teacher, healer, friend, and soul sister." 

-Traci Maguire Lowthian


"Diana's help was pivotal and urgent! I could just say it saved my marriage but it was way more than that. I have changed. This was about change and growth. This was about seeing the reality of my own need for change and changing."

- Laura Ray

manifest love

"Just when you think you'll never really find love, along comes Diana Palm with her Creating Space for Love workshop. It changed the entire momentum of my energy from focusing on old dysfunctional habits to truly honoring a place in my soul for love to flourish."

- Vicki Herb

"My entire life has been filled with service to others but I've always felt something was missing. There was never the sense that I was whole and even my periods of happiness and "good luck" were always short lived. Satisfaction was elusive and life was taking its toll on me. As a result of a crippling divorce I began having disabling panic attacks as well as overwhelming empathetic symptoms of friends and relatives.

...That's when I met Diana.

...Not only have all my panic attacks ceased...I'm truly more happy than I've ever been in my life."

- Vicki Herb


"Before working with Diana I was in an extremely abusive marriage, not living any of my hearts desires, feeling helpless and hopeless... I left the marriage, completely healed the masculine wounding I had since birth and am now ready to move to the beach, get married to my soulmate (ha) and live the life of my dreams. Yes, Diana is quite discerning, however the life I'm walking into is beyond what I could have imagined and I anticipate it getting more and more magnificent. I'm so incredibly grateful to have worked with Diana during one of the most difficult times of my life."

-Rhonda Coffman


"Diana Palm has so much to offer her clients. Her warm and inviting personality makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. I have enjoyed taking her many classes in the Metaphysical realm. She is an incredible teacher and a source of knowledge. Her ability to connect to her clients needs and help them get clear is comforting. She is a conduit to healing your past hurts. I would highly recommend her services."

- Mary Flynn


"Diana gets right down to the root issue of why you have not been able to achieve your goals in a loving relationship. Using her specialized technique Diana is able to remove blockages and programs that have been working against you, and she doesn't stop there!

Diana is also able to create and install new programs and feelings that are life changing. You will leave the workshop feeling lighter, energized, and worthy of finding your true soul mate. I highly recommend."

-Josette DeRitis

“Working with Diana brought my authentic self to life!!”

- Rhonda Coffman

diana palm


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