Are you ready to release the pain from your past and embrace who you have become?

If so, this Spiritual Healing Retreat is for you.

Hi! I'm Diana

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Diana Palm

I was called to Sedona to heal my heart from grief and loss...

and then shown how to help you do the same.

I am a medium but my specialty is helping you heal the grief holding you back from living your most meaningful and happy life because that's what I have done for myself and thousands of clients worldwide.

The Let Go & Level Up Retreat allows you to escape the chaos of daily life, while you tune in with the healing energy that your soul needs. The powerful vortex energy assists in clearing your mind so that you can more easily access your inner wisdom and clarity for your next step in life. All Spiritual Healing we do gets amplified in the vortex areas.

I will gently guide you back into alignment by igniting the power within you. The healing we do together comes through powerful soul realignment that has taken me over 30 years to finesse. Sharing it with you in Sedona will likely change your life forever. If you are ready to heal your grief and embrace your next level life, sign up now.

You can experience a mini-retreat anytime of the year by booking private time in the vortex with Diana

4 Hour Soul Alignment - $550 per person

Diana Palm
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Let Go & Level Up Retreat in Sedona

Diana Palm

Tune In

I will take you into the most healing vortex for letting go of past pain. (This is the exact location that I was guided to for my heart healing). The gentle energy here will help you heal your heart as you learn to tune in with your inner guidance. I will provide spiritual healing to assist you with releasing, harmonizing, and healing.

Diana Palm

Call In

The second location we visit is known for it's powerful ability to aid you with calling in your Manifestations. Once you gain clarity about your next step, we will multiply it's magnetic attraction to you by calling it in from this vortex area. It is like a megaphone to the universe! You will feel exhilarated and renewed, as you fill up on the potent, life force energy here.

Diana Palm


You will meet like-hearted friends during your retreat and be able to continue connection with each other long after your healing experience. There is always a synchronicity to the people who gather in one retreat then the next. You will be added to our Let Go & Level Up Sedona Retreat Community on Facebook for ease of keeping in touch and sharing photos with each other.

Let Go & Level Up

When you release your grief from heartbreak and loss, you will open up enough space within you to be filled with love, friendship, and more joy. You will feel yourself embracing life in a new way, while still honoring your path and everything you have lived through. Many people feel guided to this retreat by their loved one who passed. Your deceased loved one can see what you need, and wants to help you find freedom from your pain. They will most likely accompany you to retreat for any relationship healing you seek. Feel free to ask me questions about your loved one during our healing time in the vortex. Your deceased loved one supports you with letting go and encourages you to level up!



Diana Palm


While each retreat is unique, you will experience the following:

  • Let Go & Level Up Private Journal
  • Powerful Meditation and Spiritual Healing in the Vortex
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Sacred Oil Anointing and Chakra Balancing
  • Gratitude Ceremony & Sharing Circle
  • Heart Activations
  • DNA Upgrades
  • Negative Energy Clearing for Projections & Attachments
  • Powerful Manifesting Ritual with Personal Declaration
  • Keepsake Photo
  • Lodging in one of Sedona's Premiere Hotels


You will be invited to join our private Let Go & Level Up Sedona Retreat Community on Facebook. Your profound experiences are meant to be shared with like-minded, supportive friends. Many people create lasting bonds of friendship with other guests and deepen existing relationships with their travel companions.

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“Working with Diana brought my authentic self to life!!”




Diana Palm is a world renowned spiritual leader who provides Spiritual Grief Healing Retreats in Sedona, Arizona. She will comfort you with her warm hearted wisdom, as she leads you to deeper self awareness and love. Journey within as you reignite your passion and purpose for life. Diana has been sharing her healing gifts for over 30 years and always values your privacy.

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