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Your pathway for inner healing and transformation

during your sacred solo time

Albert Einstein said:

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed,

it can only be changed from one form to another."

Nikola Tesla said:

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

How does this relate to grief?

According to Dr. David Hawkins Emotional Frequency Chart

The frequency of GRIEF is only 75

This is where many of the bereaved get stuck

Staying in the energy of grief, can lead to prolonged isolation, depression,

anger, and feelings of abandonment

At this frequency, you may also feel physically sick, and stuck in fight or flight mode, causing sleepless nights and the inability to focus during the day

You may be at risk of losing relationships, your job, financial stability,

and overall well-being

I am not saying that one should not grieve

(It is normal and natural to grieve!)

But it is how you grieve that matters

Traditional forms of grief healing and support

do not offer spiritual guidance for soul alignment and

do not assist you with raising your vibration

Diana Palm

When you heal the spiritual energy of grief,

your frequency will increase

Grief Ease will help you process your grief spiritually, to lift your vibration,

and align you with your new life path

Watch this video to find out more

How long are you programmed to grieve?

Did you know that you are genetically programmed to grieve for

a specific amount of time?

For some, this may be one year

For others, it is 10 years, or a lifetime

This genetic program can be changed

This is one of the spiritual secrets that you won't learn anywhere else

Grief Ease will reveal spiritual secrets to assist you with

your inner healing and transformation

9 spiritual lessons

9 specific assignments

It's time to nurture your soul

and invest in your healing

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Are you one of those people that long to reconnect with your loved one in the afterlife...but have not experienced dream visits, or received signs and symbols to let you know they are okay?

While this program does not guarantee you will get an afterlife connection with your loved one, it will raise your frequency higher on the emotional frequency chart...and this is the frequency where spirit visits occur

Spirit visits are normal and natural

If you are not experiencing them

It's time to heal and raise your frequency

Embracing your divine connection to your loved one in the afterlife

is your pathway to lasting peace

9 spiritual lessons

9 specific assignments

It's time to nurture your soul

and invest in your healing

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the love witch

This is your sacred solo time to heal your grief,

retrieve your soul lessons, and step onto your new life path

Grief Ease is for your mind, body & soul


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