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Diana Palm, author of Death And The Afterlife, is world renowned for her instrumental and inspiring work with shifting grief consciousness. For over 30 years, Diana has helped heal the bereaved, by combining her vast knowledge of death and the afterlife, with her fine-tuned spiritual healing abilities. It was through helping thousands of individuals, she realized the specific causes of unhealed grief, and how to guide the bereaved through this challenging (but sacred) time. RECONNECT is the spiritual grief healing program that will change your life forever.

Inside the Program

Reconnecting with your loved one who passed, is just the first step in your healing journey.

There are many spiritual lessons that emerge when you experience the loss of a loved one. This is why your grief is known as the first step in your spiritual awakening. The loss of your loved one creates a soul opening experience, that reconnects you to your higher self, the divine, and your purpose in life. This is what we accomplish when you work with me in my #1 Spiritual Grief Healing Program, RECONNECT.

Once your bond is re-established with your loved one, we will begin to heal any unresolved issues with the deceased. This is the number one reason for complicated and prolonged grief. We will complete soul contracts, retrieve life lessons, and better understand your loved one's timing of death. I'll share any significant messages that contribute to your healing, and life path and purpose.

If you experienced a sudden or traumatic loss, we will do healing for shock, and the fight or flight response, that often causes grief to get stuck inside the body. We will do specific healing for your individual needs, so that you come to a place of lasting peace. You will learn to clearly identify the Signs & Symbols that your loved one sends you from the afterlife.

Reconnecting with your loved one's energy in the afterlife, is the key component for your inner well-being. It shifts your awareness from loss, to the eternal bond you share. Your desire to RECONNECT with them, is your catalyst for living a fulfilling and happy life, improving your finances, health, and spiritual vibration. RECONNECT is the pathway and program for lasting peace.

When you are in alignment, your life will improve in all areas. My proprietary program has energetic activations, designed to help you sustain your vibration moving forward.

"I am so Blessed I am one of the many women you have helped, supported, loved, when i was deep in despair, pain and grief ⚘

So much love and gratitude for you, a phenomenal teacher, healer, friend, and soul sister." 

-Traci Maguire Lowthian, England


RE-CON-NECT "Re-establish a bond of communication or emotion"

Bridging the gap between you and your loved one in the afterlife

for inspired life changes after loss

The bereaved have many unanswered questions that cause them to get stuck in grief. These are among the most impactful things to know:

Questions & Answers

Q "Why did my loved one have to die so soon?"

A Every soul created their own death doors (opportunities to go home) before they were born into this life. They select which death door to pass through, and the timing of their death. This is selected from a very deep soul level, not realized on the conscious level.

Q "I wasn't there and didn't get to say goodbye"

A Your loved one chose the timing of their death, as well as who was with them, and how they died. If you were unable to be there when your loved one passed, there was a divine reason for it. It is not a punishment or a rejection. There are other reasons why they left without you being present, or saying goodbye. You may speak to them now, to release this feeling of unfinished business and begin your healing.

Q "If I heal too soon from my loss, does that lessen my love for them?"

A No. Many people have been socially conditioned to think that grief should last forever. Your ability to heal, often includes the realization that your loved one hasn't really left, and is still with you. Every moment you live in joy, is a gift you share with your loved one in the afterlife.

Q "Will my loved one feel betrayed if I love someone new?"

A No. Your loved one wants you to continue experiencing love, and does not want you to hold space for them. They already know how much you love them (they continue to feel it on the other side) and they desire for you to stay in the energy and vibration of love. They will often guide you to someone new to love. There is no jealousy in heaven.

Q "Was there anything I could have done to change the outcome?"

A No. Your loved one's passing was not your fault, and there was nothing you could have done different to save them. When it is our time to go, others are often play a role in our departure, and this is a soul contract we have with one another. Blaming yourself or someone else, is a part of the grief process that needs to be healed.

You can't afford to live with unhealed grief

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A mediumship reading can comfort you in the initial stages of grief

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"Medium Diana Palm, is a distinguished author, and renowned for her profound contributions to the field of grief consciousness.

Diana has garnered global recognition for her transformative work. Her program RECONNECT, stands as a testament to her dedication to guiding the bereaved towards healing and alignment with their new life path." 

Alice Trevorrow, Scotland



"I am the Medium helping you heal your grief, and embrace inspired life changes after loss."


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