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My passion and purpose for helping the bereaved, was inspired from my own devastating loss. I had a deep desire to stay in contact with my loved one in the afterlife, and a need to heal my grief. I devoted myself to accomplishing these tasks, by diving deeper into my spiritual development. This is when I discovered the perfect healing combination of my spiritual gifts. I use this energetic formula, to help the bereaved experience the same type of healing that I did. It includes spiritual activations and attunements, so profound that it will transform the energy of grief, and gently raise your vibration to the highest level of alignment; making it that much easier to RECONNECT with your loved one in the afterlife.

The Pathway & Program for Lasting Peace

Reconnecting with your loved one who passed, is just the first step in your healing journey.

Once your bond is re-established with your loved one, we will begin to heal any unresolved issues. We will complete soul contracts, retrieve life lessons, and better understand your loved one's timing of death. I'll share any significant messages that contribute to your healing, and life path and purpose.

If you experienced a sudden or traumatic loss, we will do healing for shock, and the fight or flight response, that often causes grief to get stuck inside the body. We will do specific healing for your individual needs, so that you come to a place of lasting peace. You will learn to clearly identify the Signs & Symbols that your loved one sends you from the afterlife.

As you reach to RECONNECT with your loved one in the afterlife, a very magical thing happens.

Your vibration raises, and you come into alignment with your higher self, and the Divine.

You literally RECONNECT with the highest version of yourself, your loved one, and God.

When you are in alignment, your life will improve in all areas. My proprietary program has energetic activations, designed to help you sustain your vibration moving forward.

Reconnecting with your loved one is the key component for your inner well-being, improved health, and increased abundance. Your desire to RECONNECT with them, is your catalyst for living a fulfilling and happy life.

This is a 9 Week Program


9 (1:1) Spiritual Healing Sessions


9 Specific Spiritual Assignments

Diana Palm


Diana Palm


Diana Palm


Diana Palm


Diana Palm


Diana Palm


Diana Palm


Diana Palm


Diana Palm


A mediumship reading can comfort you in the initial stages of grief

but what you really need is to heal your heartbreak and loss in my

#1 Spiritual Grief Healing Program


RE-CON-NECT "Re-establish a bond of communication or emotion"

Bridging the gap between you and your loved one in the afterlife for inspired life changes after loss

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spiritually healing your grief


I have been working with the bereaved

for over 30 years

RECONNECT is my proprietary program

for healing the energy of grief.

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