Soulmate Pets never leave.

You don't have to suffer alone.

If you have lost a Soulmate Pet and your heart is breaking from grief...

I can help you.

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Healing your heart after losing a Soulmate Pet

When you have lost a Soulmate Pet, you may feel abandoned by the people who love you. Your family and friends may not know how deep your bond was with them and may not know how to support you through your loss. There were many ways that your Soulmate Pet made your life more meaningful and only you know the impact of losing your devoted companion. But, you are not alone. I'm here for you.

Your Soulmate Pet has a sacred contract to fulfill with you. They came into your life for a special reason and loved you through your most challenging times. Your Soulmate Pet was more than just a companion...they were absolutely devoted to loving you through life...and will continue to love you in the afterlife.

I work with people just like you...who need extra support to heal their heart after experiencing this type of pet loss. I use my spiritual gifts to help release the energy of grief that may be consuming you. Together, we will initiate the healing you need to re-establish contact with your Soulmate Pet in heaven.

You will receive 4 Private Sessions that are divinely guided. These sessions will help you complete the life lessons you learned from your Soulmate Pet. We will also heal your spiritual energy, release grief, and mend your heart. You will be able to take actionable steps, knowing that you are loved and connected with your pet in heaven.


Your First Session

I want to hear about your Soulmate Pet and how special they were to you. I will use my spiritual gifts to help you release shock or trauma from their passing. We will release any shame, blame, or guilt you may carry. I will clear the energy of grief inside your body and do an activated Heart Healing that will help you move past your feelings of despair from this loss.


Your Second Session

We will talk about the life lessons you learned from your Soulmate Pet and what difficult life situations you lived through as a result of their comfort and love. What made your pet unique and special? How did you memorialize your beloved companion? I will have plenty of expert guidance for you. I will also provide a downloadable PDF for you to fill out. This will help you recognize the Signs & Symbols of your afterlife visits from your sweet Soulmate.


Your Third Session

It's time to heal unfinished business that your Soulmate Pet came into your life to help you resolve. Many times, Soulmate Pets stand beside you through a difficult divorce, a health crisis, financial hardship, or loneliness. They provided you with the love you needed to heal and often gave you someone to live for. When they pass, they want to make sure that their presence in your life made a difference and that you will be able to move forward with their lessons. Seeing you heal and move forward is very important to your pet who is watching over you from the afterlife.


Your Fourth Session

Resolving your painful past will raise your vibration and put you in the frequency of love. I will download new feelings to help you embrace this new love and I will install new pathways that will allow you to move forward with more ease. We will explore the Signs & Symbols that your pet in heaven sends you, and recognize when they are leading you to a new Soulmate companion. You will be able to invite a new fur baby into your home, with the comfort of knowing that your pet in heaven approves. You can be assured that they will be overseeing the training, and helping you both adjust and create a new bond together.

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When you sign up, you will receive a month of spiritual healing including...

  • 4 one hour Private Healing Sessions (1 per week)
  • Signs & Symbols of Afterlife Visits (Downloadable PDF)
  • Guided Meditation to Connect with Your Soulmate Pet in Heaven


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You will also receive...

Lifetime Access to our

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About Diana

Hi! I'm Diana Palm and I have dedicated my life to helping people heal from grief through understanding their spiritual life lessons, reconnecting with loved ones in the afterlife, and providing spiritual healing. My expertise is healing hearts and helping my clients to live and love again. I have personally lost Soulmate Pets and was guided to expand my spiritual healing sessions for those of you suffering from Pet Loss.

If you are not ready to sign up, please enjoy my FREE Pet Loss Videos on YouTube for guidance and healing.

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