You are here because you have experienced a SOUL OPENING EXPERIENCE and you cannot go back to the way things were

This experience has caused a Spiritual Awakening deep within you and

you are beginning to break free from the MATRIX

The things you were told by your family, community, and church

don't make sense anymore

and you seek to discover your own answers

You may notice an increase of synchronicities in your life

vivid dreams, out of body experiences, contact with non-physical beings

and visits from deceased loved ones, angels, and spirit guides

You may have a heightened awareness of your surroundings

and begin to see things different than your peers

Don't worry...

If this is happening to you

it means you are beginning to awaken spiritually

It is time to clear out the faulty belief systems

that have programmed you for a life of pain and struggle

You will need to clear limiting thoughts about yourself and others

so you can release the genetic programming

and group consciousness that have held you down

making you feel powerless in one or more areas of your life

When you wake up to who you really are

and who you were always meant to be...

you will feel whole, confident, and loved

You will know that your entire journey has helped you get here

and you will begin creating your life, free from the past paradigm

and make decisions that honor your higher self

This is what I call leaving the MATRIX

Claim your true purpose and highest timeline

when you commit to LEAVING THE MATRIX

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