Manifest Your Dreams!


Manifest Your Dreams

in 5 Easy Steps!


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Manifest Your Dreams in 5 Easy Steps! 

  • Gain Massive Clarity
  • Discover Hidden Energy Blocks
  • Reprogram Your Mind for Success
  • Reset Your Beliefs 
  • Lightening Speed RESULTS!

70 Minutes  

Schedule approximately 70 minutes for the class & healing

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30 Page Manifesting Guide Increase your results by printing Your Personal Manifesting Guide

What Clients Say...


"Diana Palm's professionalism and guidance allowed me to clear past programming and blocks. This process was instrumental in moving my life forward. As a direct result, I've coached multiple teams to championship levels of play. I strongly recommend her Manifest Your Dreams course and Private Sessions for personal growth and finding your pathway to abundance.”

Bob Beedle

Spiritual Healer

"With the knowledge I’ve attained from these classes so many positive changes have opened up for me and now I’m healing others on a regular basis and getting amazing results. I highly recommend all of Diana's classes and this last class was the icing on the cake for me to move forward now and expect the best life has to give me!!”

Dee Sheffield


"This course is about waking up your psyche, facing it dead on and saying "I'm ready to break the cycle and I want love and to be loved in the purest sense." Imagine what it's like to be loved unconditionally, to share common interests, to live every day with love, light and happiness. Well, I don't have to imagine it anymore because I think you can tell ... one picture is worth a thousand words!"

Vicki Herb


Successful Manifesting

Increase your ability to manifest with consistent results! You may have already experienced some success at manifesting but have one specific area in your life that seems to be stuck. Easily step into the flow with these 5 easy steps!

diana palm

The Subconscious Mind

You manifest everything in your life with your subconscious mind (not your conscious mind). Discover the hidden beliefs that have blocked your abundance and receive subconscious reprogramming that will amp up your desired results.

Manifest Your Dreams ​​​​​​​in 5 Easy Steps! GET RESULTS THAT LAST!

ONLY $297


All payments final. No refunds.

Diana clears subconscious programs and provides

spiritual realignment with private clients and students worldwide.

"I can't wait to help you MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS!"