A self guided healing program

Heal Toxic Relationship Patterns

Manifest Your Soulmate

6 Weeks to Freedom & Fulfillment

Who are you attracting?

Are you attracting the same type of person and relationship?

Do you attract posers, duds or non-committal partners?

If so, it's time for you to change the only one thing you can...YOU.

What you need to know is that you have manifested and attracted all your previous partners based on your subconscious beliefs about love and relationships.

Some beliefs are so deeply ingrained that you unintentionally role play in relationship rather than being your authentic self.

Other beliefs are based on group consciousness, past experiences, and influences from family and friends.

If you are ready to free yourself from repeat patterns and limiting beliefs so that you can experience a deeply fulfilling relationship with your ideal partner, then this is for you.

I have helped thousands of individuals change they way they think and feel about love through a meditation process that rewires the brain and heals spiritual energy.

The process is so effective that it literally shifts your reality... providing more clarity and authenticity to how you live your life and show up in love.

Reveal your authentic self for powerful soulmate attraction!

"Profoundly uplifting...changed my life forever!"

Your Soulmate is Ready...Are you?

Become crystal clear on who you are in relation to what you want. Up until now, you have experienced love and relationships based on your upbringing and genetic family beliefs. It's time to clear out the clutter and rebuild your emotional system to create a space for love where you can enjoy a fulfilling, deep connection with your ideal partner.

Manifesting Your Soulmate System includes 6 Weeks of transformational inner healing. It will reveal your ultimate authentic self so that you can attract a partner who is in alignment with the real you. You will experience freedom from your previous relationship patterns and embrace love in a new way. Are you ready for your highest potential soulmate?

The love of your life can't wait to meet the REAL YOU!

manifesting your soulmate



Identify the relationship patterns you have been experiencing and heal them. Receive energetic divorce, soul fragment retrieval, cut hooks and cords to your painful past. Embrace the valuable lessons with gratitude.

manifesting your soulmate



Discover what you learned from your mother regarding love. Separate your beliefs from her genetic influence, receive energy and emotions for perfect mother's love. Clear any limits or blocks to the way you were taught to love.

manifesting your soulmate



Discover what you learned from your father regarding love. Clear old belief systems that have limited your love experience. Shift the dynamic of this relationship and receive new feelings to replace lack or scarcity of love.

manifesting your soulmate



Healing beliefs and limits surrounding religious dogma and family group consciousness. Instilling a deep connection to your highest self, enhancing self love and self acceptance in its truest form. Releasing judgments and regrets.

manifesting your soulmate



Energetic and subconscious reprogramming for replacing lack and scarcity with absolute abundance. Clearing old stories so that you can reinforce your positive changes with your new love story. Anchoring this into your DNA.

manifesting your soulmate



Now that you are free and clear of previous programs and limits, you will have clarity of the love meant specifically for you. This is a powerful manifestation to attract your highest potential soulmate and live in a higher vibration of love.

In this 6 week Intuitive Healing Program, you will release and clear subconscious programs and repeated patterns from your genetic family. You will release judgement of group consciousness to reveal the authentic YOU. Clearing your LOVE BLOCKS will dramatically improve your confidence and allow you to feel worthy of an honest partner who is ready to love you.

If you have struggled with relationships or found yourself single after a long relationship, Manifesting Your Soulmate System is for you! It is time for you to release your painful past, heal your heart and experience a deeply fulfilling relationship with your ideal partner.

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This premier online program is designed to help you move forward with clarity and focus through intuitive healing and guided meditation.

Manifesting Your Soulmate System

6 Healing Modules (1 per week) with lifetime access

  • Heal your painful past and clear your hidden Love Blocks!
  • Amplify your self love & reveal your authentic self
  • Gain clarity about your previous beliefs and programs
  • Powerful Heart Healing & Love Activation
  • Exclusive Facebook Community with lifetime access for members (valued at $1000)

Benefits: This is an intuitive healing program that you experience from the privacy of your home as you heal at your own pace.

manifesting your soulmate system

Plus 3 Bonuses!

  • Bonus! Release and Forgive Meditation
  • Bonus! Lack to Love Meditation
  • Bonus! Call In Your Soulmate Meditation


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Here's what our customers say...

Manifesting Your Soulmate System was created from the successful techniques used with my private clients.

rhonda coffman

"Before working with Diana I was in an extremely abusive marriage, not living any of my hearts desires, feeling helpless and hopeless. I had a 1:1 session with Diana in December 2020 and it was so transforming in one hour I decided to take all 4 classes (from Jan-March 2021 ) to become a Theta Healing® Practitioner. Going through the classes was life giving and quickly and completely transformed my life. Diana kept saying, "You are going to meet your soulmate quick." I shrugged it off, almost laughing. During the classes, I left the marriage, completely healed the masculine wounding I had since birth and am now ready to move to the beach, get married to my soulmate (ha) and live the life of my dreams. Yes, Diana is quite discerning, however the life I'm walking into is beyond what I could have imagined and I anticipate it getting more and more magnificent. I'm so incredibly grateful to have worked with Diana during one of the most difficult times of my life. Without Diana and Theta Healing® I most certainly would not be where I am today."

- Rhonda C.

manifest love

"It changed the entire momentum of my energy from focusing on old dysfunctional habits to truly honoring a place in my soul for love to flourish. This course is about waking up your psyche, facing it dead on and saying "I'm ready to break the cycle and I want love and to be loved in the purest sense."

- Vicki Herb

manifesting love

"Diana's help was pivotal and urgent! I could just say it saved my marriage but it was way more than that. I have changed. This was about change and growth. This was about seeing the reality of my own need for change and changing."

- Laura Ray

Manifesting Your Soulmate System


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This program is now included with Manifesting Your Soulmate System!

  • 30 Days of Love Challenges
  • 30 Day Love Calendar
  • Fast Action Checklist
  • Access to our supportive community online.
  • Valued at $297 (Included for free!)

Manifesting Your Soulmate System


Limited Time Offer $499

Diana Palm Intuitive

Hi!  I'm Diana Palm, THE LOVE WITCH and author of THE LOVE BOOK the secret to finding your soulmate.  I have helped thousands of individuals Heal their Heart, Raise their Love Vibration, and Manifest their Highest Potential Soulmate.

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