Diana is a psychic medium with spiritual gifts for healing.  She can intuitively see what needs to be healed and knows how to eliminate the spiritual, emotional, and mental blocks holding you back.  Her unique approach to healing, combines the energy of the soul with clearing subconscious programs so that you can truly create the life of your dreams.   




“...I am so grateful to have met Diana!  Her mediumship skills are a cut above the rest.  I am not a stranger to the spirit world and had yet, until Diana, to meet an individual with the ability to help spirits cross over in such a quick and effective manner.  Her strong intuitive abilities allow her to quickly address the need in the situation---wether it be someone's loved one communicating a message, or a spirit in need of going to the light.  I recommend her mediumship ability and recommend her.”

- Skylee Jarvinen


Private Session

$297 / 1 Hour

“...Diana is often referred by other mediums when they run out of horsepower to deal with and address - stuck spirits...Without her help/support/services my family would be living a much harder life struggling on the battlefields of the Invisible war without having the benefit of the General (Diana) on our side to help guide Creators Troops.  She is forever in our prayers for the great gifts she has helped to provide for myself and our entire family.”

- Paul Sarlengo